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Dark chocolate is really good for you, and I need to have a good cry.

I don't even know why I'm crying!

Whenever experiencing a huge hurt or a piercing pain in life, have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish I just didn't feel emotion"?

Or have you ever had someone (probably a guy) tell you that you are just too emotional? I know that I have cursed my emotions on many occasions and wished that my brain and heart had some sort of exterior robotic control. Sometimes it is embarrassing to cry your eyes out at the drop of the hat, or have everyone stare at you as the lights come up after watching The Help, Up, Marley & Me, Titanic, Braveheart, Castaway, or heck -- even Bambi. 

But even if you don't cry in every mildly emotional movie like I do, maybe you've wished for a little less emotional sensitivity at one point or another. So, if I had to create a crash course in Emotional Girl Survival 101, I might start with these 5 points...

Would life be cool as a robot?1. Don't ever think life would be better without emotion. First of all, a life without emotion is impossible, however many people try build a wall around their hearts just the same. The fact is, hardening your heart and hiding behind a stone-cold exterior will only redirect your emotion to collect in anger and bitterness. It is much better to let out your emotions with control and find other sources for comfort. Attempting a life without emotion is sure to fail. A health journal said that, "With our feelings and emotions, we experience ourselves in this world. They are the driving force, the power, and the motor of our life." Yeah... a life without emotion would be pretty bad.

 I'm not stupid for having feelings!2. "Never let a man make you feel weak or inferior because you are emotional." -- I stole this one from THIS BLOG, which I happened to see posted as I was writing this. To expand on point #1, we know emotions are necessary and good. Never be ashamed or accept the lies that you are part of the weak and inferior half of humanity because of them. 

Always keep a level head!3. Balance with your rationale. Now let's definitely not forget the fact that emotions are sometimes completely irrational! Girls, please take responsibility for the times you have over reacted, exploded, wallowed in self-pity, or excused away poor actions because you were "just emotional." Emotions are a part of us, they cause us to realize things about ourselves and help us deal with issues, but they are not excuses. Recognize your emotion and then heap on a dose of logic to help you work through it. Does it make sense that I'm so upset about this? How can I fix this problem? Should I call my mentor so she talk with me and pray for me? (Yes!)

Galatians 6:2 - "Carry each other's burdens..."4. Channel your emotional awareness to care and sympathize for others. Let's backtrack up to #2... Don't hate guys for not quite understanding our emotions all the time. God created men and women to be companions and to compliment each other. Usually girls are more emotional than guys, therefore we can help them find sympathy and emotional awareness. Obviously that is a simplified explanation, but anyone who isn't very sympathetic may need someone like that in their life. Less-emotional people are there to lean on and to offer strength and logic, and more-emotional people have the ability to be more caring for others. So use your sensitivity for good!

5. Remind yourself of God's promises. We all hear that you should "cast your burdens" on God, but do we actually do it? Or do you actually just sit there holding on to your hurt or your pain while continuing to justify it? Give it to God! That doesn't mean that your pain and emotion will just immediately vanish, and it doesn't mean that God will instantly pour out blissful happiness on you. But if you can fully put your trust in God's big-picture plan, you will be able to keep moving on. And one day... this too shall pass! :)

As one last thing, I will leave you with this cool poem I found online today...

Life Without Emotion
By Ashley Adamson

Cones without ice cream
Sleep without sweet dreams
Beginning without end
Email without send
Stars without night
Wrong without right
A watch without time
Punishment without crime
Sports without competition
Practice without repetition
Studying without learning
Separation without yearning
Color without eyes
Graduation without good-byes
Birds without calls
Triumphs without falls
Sand without an ocean
Kids without commotion
Marriage without devotion
Life without emotion
Life without emotion?!?
Then you realize;
Dying is only one of many ways
You can lose your life.

Pretty good, aye? Oh, and if you want to see something that made me sob at my desk today... WATCH THIS... and laugh at me if you will! (Fast-forward through the long music intro.) I've seen this video multiple times over the years and it gets me... every... time! 


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